Thuringowa was serviced by many major arterial routes as well as numerous state routes. The Northern Beaches district is serviced by the A1 (Bruce Highway) or the National Highway 1.

Thuringowa was part of the A1 route, as the Thuringowa Ring Road (known as The Ring Road) became the new National Highway route through the city. The first stage is the 5.3 km Douglas Arterial Road that opened to traffic in April 2005. 

Thuringowa was serviced by the nearby Townsville International Airport.

You can use this link to visit the Airports website  

Public transport in Thuringowa consisted of bus services that where run by Sunbus. Sunbus provided services for most parts of the city with runs from the Thuringowa CBD to most suburbs and also thought-out Townsville, plus special services for the football nights at Dairy Farmers Stadium, Tony Ireland Stadium at Riverway and any major events at Black River Stadium, for all of the New Townsville city bus times and runs please visit the Sunbus website here or Phone: (07) 4725 8482. There is also a bus service available from the Townsville's Hermit Park Bus Service, running from Bushland Beach in the Northern Beaches area to the Townsville CBD, For more information, visit the Hermit Park Bus Service website here or phone: (07) 4779 1658 or 1800 351 225. Detours is another bus service that can take care of your charter or tour needs.

Taxis operate 24 hours and serviced all parts of Thuringowa and now Townsville.

Tour Operators

Riverway is a riverfront parkland attraction located in the Former Thuringowa CBD that opened in July 2006. The area is a cultural hub opening up the rivers habitat for residents and tourists, the main attractions are the public art gallery, cultural centre, swimming lagoons and cafe. Riverway runs for 11km of the Ross River, with areas at Pioneer Park, Loam Island, Apex Park and Ross Park at the Ross River Dam where the community, visitors and tourists can enjoy all sorts of activities from sport, swimming, entertainment, dining and shopping in one of Queensland’s most spectacular river settings.

Village Boulevard is the name of the Road into Pioneer Park and forms the city/park integration. from the car park it extends through the park as a pedestrian spine that follows the rivers edge and forms the heart of Pioneer Park.

Tony Ireland Stadium is the Second stage of Riverway, and consists of an international standard AFL and Cricket stadium, capable of holding 10'000+ people, and was first used to host the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash cricket match on the 31th of December 2007.

Riverway Arts Centre is a geographical formation with a grass roof that is incorporating the parkland without a decrease in the amount of grassed area. It also lowers the interior temperature by reducing the roof surface temperature.

Lake Ross (at the end of Riverway Drive) is part of the Ross River Dam and stores over 215,000 mega liters of water, water is held by a earth rock embankment 8.35 kilometers in length and 27 metres in height (the longest in the southern hemisphere) and occupies a catchment area of 750km2 with a concrete spillway fitted with Three 4 metre flood gates that control the flow into the Ross River, Visitors can view the dam from a viewing platform at Ross park or walk up to the top of the dam wall. Lake Ross is a Wetland of National Significance. The shallow areas of the lake provide a habitat for a large number of water birds, Over 220 species of bird have been recorded around the lake area. You can book a tour of the lake by contacting one of the following commercial operators: Pop Sullivan Tours or phone 4772 2833 or 0407 167 254. NQ River and Road Tours or phone 4788 9600. Ross Park is located in front of the dam wall and has picnic and toilet facilities. The Bird Observers Club holds bird-watching walks on the 3rd Sunday of each month, for more info please call 4778 1945

Ross River - Thuringowa`s riverway centerpiece, with a large range of sporting and leisure activities. The Riverwalk is a pathway that overlooks Ross River. Loam Island and Pioneer Park are part of the Riverway development and provide locals and visitors with entertainment such as, Skiing and wakeboarding plus some good fishing spots. Other areas along Ross River are Apex Park and Ross Park.


Lake Paluma is a man made lake in the World Heritage Rainforest. The area has weather proof shelters, BBQs, and camp sites but no domestic animals are allowed in this area due to the population of Platypus, Peregrine Falcon or Eastern Water Dragon. Swimming and non motorized vessels are allowed. Lake Paluma's camping area has a limited number of sites available so you will need to pre-book a permit at their website here

Big Crystal Creek is part of Paluma Range National Park (approximately 65km from Thuringowa Central). It features large deep swimming holes that are very popular with locals and visitors. The icnic areas, BBQ's, camping, and toilets are wheelchair accessible. Free bookings for the campsite can be made here or by phoning Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service on 13 13 04.

Little Crystal Creek (60km from Thuringowa Central) is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists where you can swim in the crystal clear water, have a picnic or BBQ and there are toilet facilities here with wheelchair access.

Bushland Beach was Thuringowa`s most popular residential beachside community (Now a part of Townsville approximately 19km from Thuringowa Central). At low tide you can walk to a wooden shipwreck and some fantastic ponds that are full of marine life that the whole family can enjoy. There is a boat ramp for public use at the beach plus BBQs and kids playgrounds, Bushland Beach also has a hotel, resort and a small shopping center.

Ocean Palms Resort at Bushland Beach is right on the beach. One of the most popular attractions here is the barramundi feeding.

Saunders Beach is a sandy beach which stretches for kilometers, Saunders beach is one of Thuringowa's more popular beaches but you can often have this beach to yourself due to the long length. there is also a boat ramp.

Toolakea Beach is a quiet beach, ideal for birdwatchers and fishing or a quite day on sand. This area has a picnic area as well as public toilets.

Bluewater is a fresh water attraction (approximately 28km north of Thuringowa Central) that is very popular for picnic's and family fun, the area includes BBQ`s, play equipment, toilets and showers. The best place to access the creek is near the bridge at the Bluewater Store or Bluewater Park. Bluewater Park has a limited free tent and vehicle camping area and more info can be found here.There is also a Urban Forest that is next to Bluewater Park, this is a fitness trail that is around 800m long with 8 activity's along the pathway. There is also a boat ramp available near Bluewater Drive.

Toomulla Beach is somewhat of a isolated beach, but boasts and a great free camping area, picnic area, public toilets and a boat ramp for public use. This is also another great area for bird watching.

Balgal Beach is a small community 53km north of Thuringowa Central (located a few minutes from Rollingstone) and is the perfect day or overnight destination for locals and tourists that visit Thuringowa and Townsville. Balgal Beach features clean, white sand, a stinger net that is patrolled from November to May for safe swimming. A boat ramp is available to allow easy access to Palm Islands area. Apart from the beach the wide creek mouth is a great fishing location. Other activities in here include the ANZAC memorial,a picnic and BBQ at the park, bird watching, golf and lawn bowls at Mystic Sands Golf & Country Club.

The Rollingstone Community Hall holds a fish BBQ on the first Sunday of each month at 5pm.

The Fisherman`s Landing Kiosk is a licensed cafe and can supply you with ice, bait and groceries, Plus there is accommodation at any of the following, the Balgal Beach Holiday Units, Balgal Bed & Breakfast Retreat, the Thuringowa city Council`s two tent camping and vehicle camping areas, and more info can be found here.

Rollingstone Park(51km north of Thuringowa Central) is a camping area that is popular due to the freshwater creek swimming area next to the park. Community markets are held on the first Saturday of each month, April to September from 8am. Rollingstone also has a Museum, Caravan Resort and shop.

Paluma is a township of around 25 permanent residents in the Mount Spec ranges of Thuringowa's heritage listed Wet Tropics.

Piper`s Lookout on Hervey Range lets you view over the land below Hervey Range and all the way out to sea. While you in the area you can check out the Hervey`s Range Heritage Tea Rooms here they serve refreshments and offer all the info about the local history.

Dairy Farmers Stadium is located in the suburb of Kirwan, and was constructed in 1995 with a seating capacity of 30,000 after it was announced that the Twin Cities would be home to an Australian Rugby League team. The stadium is today the home ground for the North Queensland Cowboys. The stadium was previously known as Stockland Stadium and Malanda Stadium.

Greenwood Park Sporting Complex was officially opened on February 15, 2007. It features 8 fully lit Touch Football fields as well as carparking and a fully licenced clubhouse which is home to Redskins Touch Club and Thuringowa Touch Association.

The Willows Golf Club is an international-standard golf course with a 72-hectare (180-acre) golf wildlife sanctuary and also home to the Queensland Masters. The area is also home to a residential estate.

Thuringowa (Now Townsville) also has a 1/4 mile drag strip, sealed go-cart track, motocross training track, fishing farm, rodeo and a gun club. The speedway was closed due to a housing estate but there are talks of a new complex being built.

Local Weather

Thuringowa lies in the wet-dry tropics of North Queensland, which are characterized by hot and rainy summers (wet season) and warm and dry winters (dry season). However, the area of the city known as the Paluma Range, is characterized by a year-round relatively cool and moist climate, due to being in the Wet Tropics of Queensland and this area is also a World Heritage area.

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