Former Thuringowa (now Part of Townsville) has 5 High schools and 12 Primary Schools, Two of the largest High schools in Thuringowa are the Kirwan State High School and Thuringowa State High School, below is some infomation on both of the Schools, After that is a list of all the schools in the Former Thuringowa Area.

Kirwan State High School is a coeducational state school located in the Thuringowa CBD, better known as the suburb of Kirwan. It has 1,904 students and over 120 teaching staff, making it one of the four biggest high schools in the state, the largest in North Queensland and Thuringowa.

Kirwan first took in year 8 students in January 1979, and was formally opened on the 3rd of November 1979 by Sir Llewellyn Edwards.

Kirwan State High School is a nationally recognised school for its performances in Sport, and has run a Sports Excellence Programs which have been established for the past twelve years. In year 8, students are selected for the excellence program, then in year 9, they progress to the specific Sports Excellence Programs (Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Touch Football, Soccer and Volleyball). Kirwan has won 16 Queensland Championships in sports such as Soccer, Hockey, Indoor Cricket and Rugby League. Several students are enrolled in programs run by the Australian Institute of Sport and its Queensland state equivalent.

In 2006, two former students from the class of 2002, Sam Thaiday and Jacob Lillyman gained selection in the Queensland State of Origin team and Brent Webb (1996) played a significant role in the 2005 World Cup winning New Zealand Kiwis. Lisa Braunburger (Sports Captain 2005), has also gained selection in the Australian under 19’s team and has just been recruited in the Townsville Firebirds in the National Women’s Basketball League.

Kirwan has an active participation in the arts and music, and has competed consistently in the annual Rock Eisteddfod Challenge competition, winning 3rd placing in 2003.


Thuringowa State High School is situated in the suburb of Condon. Thuringowa High opened in 1987 with year 8, 9 and 11 students, and has developed many fine traditions for academic excellence, including sport, cultural achievement, vibrant community spirit, the acclaimed Theatre Restaurant (Thuringowa high school was State finalist in the inaugural Showcase Awards) and for a very successful Vocational education program, plus a range of other opportunities.

Thuringowa High serves students from years 8 to 12, most of its students are from the neighbouring suburbs of Condon, Rasmussen, Kelso and Kirwan. Students come from varied social, cultural and economic backgrounds and are provided initiatives designed to cater for the needs of all groups.

Staff are up to date with the latest developments in curriculum design so that the students performances are equal to the best at both State and National levels.

Thuringowa High's reputation in the arts, music and sport is well established. Plus the yearly 'Theatre Restaurant' provides for the development of high level drama, performance and curriculum skills. The Concert, Stage bands and dance team perform in a variety of public performances.

Art provides the students with a variety of experiences to take advantage of. School sporting teams are competitive and have an impressive record.

Technology in the school is a very high priority with Internet access available to both students and staff, plus Computers are available in three computer rooms, the computer all have the latest software and devices to allow students to do their class work and assignments. Virtual Schooling facilities are also available in the school.

Thuringowa High boosts shaded courtyards, covered walkways, a canteen with seating throughout the grounds. there is a performing arts theatre, multi-purpose shelter, science laboratories, a business education centre, computer rooms, learning centre, facilities for Art, Home Economics and Manual Arts plus a special education building. most of the schools buildings are airconditioned.

The school employies Full time and part time staff assist students to reach their full potential. This consists of a School Guidance Officer, Community Education Counsellor, School Based Police Officer, School Based Health Nurse, Youth Support Co-ordinator, Chaplain, Learning support teacher, and Special Education teachers.

Thuringowa State High Schools Mission Statement is:

Thuringowa State High School is committed to providing high quality education that makes a positive difference to the lives of its students. The Schools aim is to equip The students to contribute to a vibrant society, socially, economically and culturally.


The following is a list of schools in the Former Thuringowa area.

Primary Schools (Prep year to grade 7)

Bluewater State School

Bohlevale State School

Kelso State School

Kirwan State School

Mutarnee State School

Rasmussen State School

Rollingstone State School

Ryan Catholic College

Shalom Christian College

Weir State School

The Willows State School

Secondary schools

Kirwan State High School

Northern Beaches State High School

Ryan Catholic College

Shalom Christian College

Thuringowa State High School

Specialty Educational Facilities

Kirwan Special Education Unit (Kirwan State School)

Kirwan Secondary Special Education Unit (Kirwan State High)

Paluma Environmental Education Centre

Rasmussen Special Education Unit

The Willows Special Education Unit

Townsville-Thuringowa Centre for Continuing Secondary Education (Heatley State High)

Thuringowa Secondary Special Education Unit

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