Thuringowa had some of the nicest white sandy beaches in Queensland, the area was known as the Northern Beaches (and still is but only it is in Townsville now) and includes Bushland Beach, Saunders Beach, Toolakea Beach, Toomulla Beach and Balgal Beach, these areas not only provide a great place for a family getaway but are also the perfect habitat for a number of seabirds.

Bushland Beach

This is the first of the five beaches and is home to a fast growing residential community, at Low tide you can walk to a wooden shipwreck and some fantastic ponds that are full of marine life that the whole family can enjoy. There is a boat ramp for public use at the beach plus BBQs and kids playgrounds, Bushland Beach also has a hotel, resort and a small shopping centre.

Saunders Beach

Is a sandy beach which stretches for kilometres, Saunders beach is one of the more popular beaches but yet, you can often have this beach to yourself due to the long length. There is also a boat ramp.

Toolakea Beach

Is a quiet beach, ideal for birdwatchers and fishing or a quite day on sand. This area has a picnic area as well as public toilets.

Toomulla Beach

A somewhat isolated beach, but boasts a great free camping area, picnic area, public toilets and a boat ramp for public use. This is also another great area for bird watching.

Balgal Beach

The last of the five public beaches and is about 50 km north of Thuringowa Central. This is the another popular destination for locals and visitors of the area. The beach has boat ramp and is well known as a destination for fishing trips. The Palm Islands are located nearby making Balgal Beach a perfect launching spot for anybody heading to the Islands.

Nearby the townships of Balgal and Rollingstone have a nine hole golf course and a range of resort and holiday unit accommodation. There is also a stinger net at the beach.

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