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Updated March 2009

Spirit of a City Celebrations.

Thuringowa celebrated its 128 year Birthday at the Riverway Arts Centre on March 8 2008. The celebrations Included a Community Parade, Spirit of Thuringowa Awards, Welcoming Babies Ceremony, live Entertainment such as Women In docs, Kate Miller Hiedke, Natalie Richards, Kellie Ireland, Graham Hobson Band, Gin Club and lots more. food, refreshments, exhibits, displays, amusement rides plus lots of other activities were held. Also Former Mayor of Thuringowa and now currant Mayor of Townsville, Cr Les Tyrell made a farwell statement on the night and expressed his sadness in the loss of the histroical City of Thuringowa to Amalgamation.


Sadly due to the Local Government amalgamations the City of Thuringowa ceased to exist as a city after the local Government elections on March 15th 2008. However the electral distract of Thuringowa will keep it's identity and continue to be knowsn as Thuringowa.



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