Due to Thuringowa losing it's only hospital in 2002 when it was incorporated into the new Townsville Hospital that the Queensland Government built, Thuringowa now relies on the 3 hospitals based in Townsville.

Thuringowa does have a number of medical centres and doctor surgery’s within the city and the out lying areas, The largest is the Kirwan Health Campus located on Thuringowa drive, this used to be the Woman and Children’s Hospital and was Thuringowa’s only Hospital. 

The old Kirwan Woman And Children Hospital is now the state of the art Kirwan Health Campus and is one of the largest in Queensland. This facility can treat 34 different types of patients and medical conditions. The Thuringowa City Council found that with the increasing number of people moving to the northern beaches area a medial centre was need in that area, so the Bluewater Medical Practice was built, the practice offers a large range of services such as full check ups, family planning, pap smears, pregnancy tests, antenatal care, ECG heart check, spirometry lung test, childhood immunisation, vaccinations, blood tests, minor surgery, acupuncture, hearing tests, small surgical procedures, pharmacy, psychologist, pathologist, physiotherapist, cosmetic injections.

The beachside community of Bushland Beach has also seen a large increase of residents so this medical centre opened on January 23, 2006 and the following procedures can be carried out here, full check ups, family planning, pap smears, pregnancy pests, antenatal care, ECG heart check, lung test, immunisations, vaccinations, blood tests, minor surgery and insurance medicals, there is also a pharmacy, psychologist and pathologist.


This is a list of major Medical and Health Services in Thuringowa, including Medical Centres and other Health Related Offices

Andrew Diog Dental Surgery

Bluewater Medical Practice & Acupuncture

Confidence Dental

Kirwan Denture Clinic

Kirwan Family Practice

Kirwan Plaza Dental Surgery

Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service

Queensland X-Ray

Robynn Morro's College of Natural Medicine

Sports Med

Sportscare Nq

Tavern Street Surgery

Thuringowa Medical Centre

Thuringowa Psychology Services

Townsville Family Dental (Thuringowa office)

Twin Cities Chiropractic Centre

Upper Ross Medical Centre

Woodlands Surgery

Quacks at Bamford Lane

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