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We live in what was known as the City of Thuringowa, however as of  the 15th of March 2008, Thuringowa as a city will be no more, it has been said that Thuringowa will live on as a community. So this website will help you find out any infomation about Thuringowa, Past and Present. We have seen over the years that in the early days, very few people from outside of the area had heard of Thuringowa or thought that it was a suburb of Townsville, however now Thuringowa was and still is well known all over Australia and other parts of the world, it is on most maps and the BOM website, but sadly the city came to an end on march 15 2008.

We have lived in Thuringowa for over 30 years now and my children were born here, along with most of my family.

I hope that you find this site easy to use and full of all the infomation that you need.


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